Beard on Food Cookbook - James Beard

Beard on Food Cookbook by James Beard is a vintage cookbook sharing more than 200 of Beard's recipes. Learn to cook one of the original top chefs. This is a recipe book combined with inspirations, stories, and ideas from Beard. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 316 pages 

Copyright: 1974. First edition

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf 

Author: James Beard 

ISBN: 9780394485058

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Description: Here is James Beard at his best: relaxed, savoring food memories of the past, ranging over Earthy Subjects, indulging in Whims of Taste, aroused to new Inspirations and Improvisations, pondering over the peculiarities of the American palate, sharing his latest gastronomic adventures -- people, places, travel -- and always coming up with the perfect recipe to cap the occasion. Here, in a rich plum pudding of a book, is Beard's own selection of his famous columns -- columns that have been devoured for the past four years by those fortunate enough to have them in their local papers (dozens of them, from Hartford to Memphis to Tacoma). Here, in short, is Beard on Food. 

Use this wonderfully provocative cookbook in a new way. The over 200 recipes -- easily spotted in green type -- are doubly seductive because they flow out of whatever subject has engaged Beard's fancy. If you are looking for meat dishes, browse through My Ways with Meat and let him tantalize you with his special recipe for hamburger, a thrifty and nourishing Oxtail Ragout, or some crunchily delicious Deviled Beef Bones; for fishy subjects, try A Good Catch and you'll be drawn to a forgotten favorite like Codfish Cakes or a new adventure in Gastropods with garlicky butter. Or consult Beard's subject guide at the back. A dish to enhance a Sunday brunch? (try Scotch Woodcock). Or a cold winter's supper? (ever heard of Cullen Skink?). Or a summer lunch? (a cool radish salad, perhaps). 

This, then, is a book that stimulates in a way that no ordinary collection of recipes can. Every page is so generously informed with Beard's intimate knowledge of and clear sensuous pleasure in his material that the reader's appetite is immediately refreshed. It is the kind of reading that, as Beard would say of a good country ham, "starts the taste buds quivering." 


Condition: Jacket has some tears, one is taped. Further good condition. 

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