Jamaican Cooking 140 Roadside and Homestyle Recipes

Enjoy over 140 recipes of the island of Jamaica with the help of the Jamaican Cooking cookbook. Curry Crab and Dumplings, Fried Plantain, Roast Jerk Fish, and Coconut Cream Pie are just a few of the exotic recipes you will enjoy preparing in your home kitchen. 


Format: Softcover, 162 pages. 

Copyright: 1997 

Publisher: Wiley 

Author: Lucinda Scala Quinn 

ISBN: 9780028610016

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Description: Fried Fish and Bammy, Rice and Peas and Johnny Cakes. Follow the road signs through the island of Jamaica to discover authentic jerk and other Jamaican food, traditionally cooked in hollowed-out oil drums and served to you by a friendly proprietor.

Celebrate the Jamaican culture by sharing the great spirit of the people through their delicious recipes. The black and white photos allow you to be a part of the richly visual experience of creating authentic Jamaican food. Real Jamaican food, when cooked with understanding, is a soul-satisfying experience. So pour yourself a Rum Punch, nibble on some Plantain Fritters and bask in the warm glow of Jamaica.

"Roadside yam and salt fish is featured at Melrose What You'll Find by the Roadside in Jamaican Cooking Hill on the road to Mandeville in Manchester, a famous roadside stop where cars pull over to be greeted by someone holding a piece of brown paper underneath a chopped, roasted yam and a small piece of grilled salt fish. It's eaten by taking a bite of roasted yam and nibbling off a tiny piece of the grilled, salted fish. The soft, smooth-textured yam is a perfect taste counterpoint to the chewy salt fish. The yams look like large logs sitting on top of the fire. Hanging from the rafters Over the grill are fresh ears of corn, which are husked and roasted directly over the fire."  


Condition: Fair condition. Front cover and several pages are creased.  

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