Jack Daniel's Old Time Barbecue Cookbook

Jack Daniel's Old Time Barbecue Cookbook presents 300 recipes and is filled with beautiful color photos of food and regional imagery. The recipes do utilize the brand, but do share the flavors that are so perfectly designed to go hand-in-hand with it. Dishes are old time barbecue recipes. Yum. We love this cookbook and so will the outdoor chef in the family! 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 191 pages. 

Copyright: 1991 

Publisher: The Sulgrave Press 

Author: Vince Staten 

ISBN: 9780962408625

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Description: When you think of barbecue, you think of the South, with its rich traditions of cooking and pungent tastes and smells that permeate the air and fill the memory with thoughts of good times. But barbecue is not just for the Southerner or Southwesterner; it's a dish of national phenomena that appears in cookouts from California to Cape Cod; from Washington, D.C. to Ames, Iowa, and Green Bay, Wisconsin -- and the sauces used are as varied as the cooking methods. 

And when you think of Jack Daniel's, you think of the mellow Tennessee whiskey that has been distilled in the hollow at Lynchburg, Tennessee for over 125 years. The combination of this smooth whiskey with old-time recipes has been brought to Jack Daniel's Old Time Barbecue Cookbook by Vince Staten, an accomplished cook, author, and storyteller who blends together the many varied ways of enjoying the succulent chop, mutton, beef, and fish, in addition to the side dishes that complement a good, solid meal in the old fashioned way. 

But there is much more here. The stories of the barbecue pits, their owners, and the pride exercised in preparation of dishes is another dimension to the entertaining reading found in these pages. Vince Staten will tell you about Ardie Davis, the "sauce doctor," and Jim Quessenberry, who tips the scales "somewhere on the far end." 

It's all here: the sauce, the meats, the side dishes, the breads, the desserts, and the drinks. About 300 recipes. And hundreds of photographs that lead you through the country trails to the kitchens and charcoal pits where fine cooking is found. 


Condition: Good condition. Opening page has sticker from store where purchased. 

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