The Pasta Cookbook

The Pasta Cookbook packs in 350 pasta recipes that are sure to satisfy your friends and family at your next meal or special gathering. This comprehensive guide details pasta selection, recipes, and even pasta making. The cookbook is loaded with color photos if you enjoy seeing prepared dishes. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 512 pages. 

Copyright: 2002 

Publisher: Hermus House 

Author: Jenni Wright 

ISBN: 9781843095453

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Description: This superb book is the definitive guide to choosing, making, cooking, and enjoying both Italian pasta and Asian noodles, with fascinating information about every aspect of this versatile food. 

The comprehensive, full-color identification guide contains fabulous close-up photographs of the huge range of dried and fresh pasta types, including long, short, and flat varieties; shapes for soup and stuffing; and unusual designer shapes. Each is accompanied with fascinating information on its origins, the various forms and names, and traditional sauces. This section is followed by a full-color guide to all the essential pasta-making equipment. 

The illustrated techniques section guides you through the secrets of making, cooking, and serving pasta and includes step-by-step information on making your own pasta successfully by hand and machine, from cutting shapes to making colored pasta. There are simple guidelines on how to cook and serve pasta, with useful tips on how to eat it, matching shapes to sauces, and which wines to choose. 

A visual guide to sauce ingredients includes fresh herbs and leaves, seasonings, spices, oils and vinegars, flavorings, fish and shellfish, vegetables, cheese, and cream. 

An enticing recipe collection features over 350 classic and original recipes from simple yet robust soups to fresh and healthy salads, and from hearty casseroles to delicate parcels. 

With glorious photographs, easy-to-read, informative text and enticing, tested recipes, The Pasta Cookbook is the essential source book for every kitchen and every cook. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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