Cooking With Love New Israeli Cuisine

Cooking With Love introduces you to recipes for New Israeli Cuisine. Dishes like Eggplant and Mushroom Pie, Pumpkin Soup with Orange Scent, and Apple Tart in Sour Cream are found inside this cookbook filled with recipes from its author Ruth Milstein. 


Format: Softcover, 345 pages. 

Copyright: 2008 

Publisher: Tate Publishing 

Author: Ruth Milstein 

ISBN: 9781606042632

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Description: Did you ever think there could be "nothing new under the sun?" Ruth Milstein dispels this notion with her new book for American cuisine. Little is known about the wide array of exotic yet comfortable and easy-to-make food associated with the Mediterranean and Israeli cuisine, so Ruth Milstein sheds light on this unknown delight. 

Exploring this expansive gourmet's heaven with recipes that are eye openers for the experienced chef as well as the novice cook, Cooking With Love brings New Israeli Cuisine to The States. 

Cooking With Love offers an amalgam of dishes to meet every connoisseur's desire, including specific sections like Lamb, Lamb Stew with Black Olives; Pies, like Cheese and Spinach Pie; Rice, showing how to make Rice with Green Peas; and Breads, like the American favorite Glazed Banana Bread. So throw out those boring, tired weeknight recipes' and make your meals sizzle with these enticing Mediterranean ideas. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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