Israeli Cookery Cookbook - Vintage

The 1962 vintage Israeli Cookery cookbook contains chapters of recipes devoted to different communities from Sephardi Jews, Yemenites, North Africa and Jerusalem and others. A holiday section and Hebrew and English culinary glossary are also included inside the cookbook's pages. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 356 pages 

Copyright: 1962 

Publisher: The Avi Publishing Co., Inc. 

Author: Lilian Cornfeld 

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Description: The Israeli Cookery cookbook is characteristically Israeli, taking into consideration the divergent communities existing from time immemorial and the ingathering of the Exiles (Kibbutz Ga luyot) their food culture and folk lore and method of preparation of their typical dishes. Each chapter is devoted to one of the communities with a description of the menus, the spicing and ingredients used. Photographs of the different communities in native dress and illustrations of the dishes against an Israeli background abound. 

The different communities include Arabs, Iraqis, Caucasians and Yemenites, Afghanistani, Sephardi Jews of Balkans, North Africa and Jerusalem, as well as Ashkenazis living in the country and other groups from western, central and eastern Europe, Persians, Cochin Chinese and those from the Far East. 

Sabra or new state adaptations are given with explanations how they were created according to taste, availability of products, equipment, climate, etc. Much of the material is made available through the organizations which have had much to do with creating a national pattern and menu culture, such as Hadassah, the Nutrition Dept. of the Government, the Agricultural Dept. and Training schools, vocational schools, WIZO, Mizrahi, ORT, etc. Other recipes have been gathered from kibbutzim, leading restaurants and hotels. 

Other features of the book are: a special holiday section with photos of festive garb, a spice table and how spices are used here, a glossary of culinary terms in Hebrew and English. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in very nice condition. Front cover's interior has a small pen inscription in the top left corner. Dust jacket's top and bottom edge has tears. 

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