New Complete International Jewish Cookbook

The New Complete International Jewish Cookbook is a very thick, comprehensive recipe resource, considered a classic. This volume contains Jewish recipes from around the world. The book is over 700 pages in all and loaded with recipes. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 701 pages. 

Copyright: 1992

Publisher: Galahad Books 

Author: Evelyn Rose 

ISBN: 9780883659557

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Description: This classic cookbook, considered the kitchen "bible" of Jewish cooking, celebrates the very best of Jewish home cooking from around the world. Renowned food and wine expert Evelyn Rose has greatly expanded and fully revised her original encyclopedic volume, presenting family favorites from around the globe. 

These tried and tested recipes include dishes from Israel, France, the United States, Morocco, Greece, Syria, Turkey, and many more Jewish communities. Gathering all the familiar, well-loved flavors that have been enjoyed at the family table for generations, the fare is complemented by menu suggestions and new creations from a wide variety of cultures, both Ashkenazi and Sephardi, as well as a special selection of vegetarian recipes. 

Everything a cook needs to know about preparing for Passover and other holidays is offered through simple instructions, and readers will be fascinated by the author's insight into the symbolism and history of each dish. 

Evelyn Rose provides a complete selection of recipes from the Western European countries, including a tempting variety of strudel from the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, home of what she describes as "perhaps the finest Jewish cooks of Western Europe." Much of the Western tradition is inspired by the fish and fowl dishes of Poland, Czechoslovakia and the Baltic States, from which come recipes for such classics as the famous gefilte fish. 

An altogether different cuisine than that of the Western Jews has been developed by those Jews who were expelled from Spain in the fifteenth century and settled in the Mediterranean. The cookery of the Sephardim, as they are known, is spicy and aromatic, and represented in recipes such as pasteles, or cinnamon- and allspice-flavored meat pies; Tunisian Baked Aubergine omelettes; and buttery gereybes, or Sephardi-style shortbread. Known for a delicacy and refinement rarely equaled in Western cooking, the Sephardic tradition is filled with enchanting flavors that the author describes as seemingly "straight out of the Arabian Nights." 

Indispensable to both the experienced cook and the newcomer alike, this classic guide to Jewish cookery is a treasury of fascinating cooking history, authentic recipes, kosher preparation, and culinary advice. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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