The Inn at Bay Fortune Open Kitchen Cookbook - Hotel in Canada

The Inn at Bay Fortune Open Kitchen Cookbook from the country inn hotel in Canada brings you recipes from its innovative kitchen. You'll enjoy recipes served at one of Canada's top restaurants and developed by Chef Michael Smith. 


Format: Softcover,156 pages. 

Copyright: 1998 

Publisher: Callawind Publications, nc. 

Author: Michael Smith 

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Description: Welcome to the glorious flavors, aromas, sights, and sounds of Michael Smith's engaging Open Kitchen -- the story of one day in the life of an inn chef and of how easy it is for the home cook to transform simple, fresh ingredients into exceptional cuisine. 

Six years ago, Michael Smith arrived at The Inn at Bay Fortune, a sleepy country inn on Prince Edward Island. He soon discovered the island to be "a chef's paradise" -- within minutes of the kitchen grow wild mushrooms and herbs, and countless local suppliers provide bountiful fresh food from land and sea. Today, the Inn's dining room is recognized by Where to Eat in Canada as one of the country's best restaurants and has become a culinary destination for food lovers the world over. 

Open Kitchen shares many secrets of Michael Smith's contemporary creative cuisine and shows how to embrace the art of cuisine at home. Smith uses simple, fresh ingredients, innovative taste combinations, and healthful vegetable-thickened sauces. The recipes include detailed information about ingredients, preparation, timing, and wines. Color photographs and the authors charming drawings illustrate many of the book's breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes, such as 

  • Whole Wheat Apple Flipjacks with My Moms Applesauce, Caramel Butter, and Bacon Roast Apples 
  • Reuben Bread Pudding with Maple-Onion Jam 
  • Island Blue Mussel and Sweet Potato Chowder with Spicy Butter Swirls 
  • Sauteed Lobster with Pea Pancakes, Pea Shoots, and Leeks in Cinnamon Basil Broth 
  • A Time for Chocolate: Molten Bittersweet Chocolate Cake with Cookie Clock Hands, Allspice Pepper Sauteed Bananas, and Rum Froth 

The introductory chapters focus on Smith's practical approach to cooking and on tasting as the key to doing it well. Later chapters follow a time line from breakfast to dinner, featuring recipes straight from the day's menus. 

You'll also find out what chefs like to eat for lunch "when no one's looking," what basic kitchen equipment is recommended for the home cook, how to prepare the Inn's signature stocks, sauces, and spice mixes, and how Smith plans the day's menus. 

Whether Smith is describing the scenes of a busy night in the kitchen, explaining how to cut sage leaves so as not to diminish their flavor, or taking you step by step through his signature chowder recipe, Open Kitchen will educate and entertain you and inspire your cooking. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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