Inglenook Cook Book

This 1915 edition of the Inglenook Cook Book captures the recipes of the sisters of the Brethren Church in Elgin, Illinois. This book has been printed several times over. This is one of the oldest copies we've had cross our store shelves. It is a wonderful antique cookbook for collectors and community cookbook enthusiasts. 


Format: Hardcover, 416 pages 

Copyright: 1915

Publisher: Brethren Publishing House, Elgin, Illinois 

Author: Sisters of the Brethren Church 

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Additional Details

Description: The Inglenook Cook Book originated with the Inglenook magazine published by the Brethren Publishing House, at Elgin, Illinois, and was first issued in 1901. With few exceptions the recipes were contributed by the sisters of the Brethren Church whose names and addresses are given in every instance. 

From the time the first copies were distributed, the book has been exceeding popular with cooks and has enjoyed a wide circulation. Many new recipes have been added, and several features will appeal to the practical cook. 


Condition: This is in fair condition with quite a bit of cover rubbing and discoloration, plus worn cover material. The opening page has a Christmas inscription in ink from 1916. One page is partially loose. Pages have some discoloration from age.

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