Indian Regional Cooking Cookbook

Indian Regional Cooking cookbook by Sumana Ray showcases 150 authentic Indian recipes covering a variety of classic dishes. Step-by-step photos are included in some of the more extensive recipes. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 224 pages 

Copyright: 1986 

Publisher: Chartwell Books, Inc. 

Author: Sumana Ray 

ISBN: 9780890099407

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Description: Indian cooking is as diverse as the continent itself. Each region has its own history and customs, and the climate and agriculture vary widely so that there is a broad range of distinctive, regional culinary styles. 

Indian Regional Cooking takes you on a tour of this vast and intriguing land, exploring each region to reveal its particular specialties and delicacies. 

The book opens with an introduction to the essential flavors of India, and to the ingredients, tools and methods that create them, followed by more than 150 authentic recipes. Here you will find a rich variety of typical dishes, with an account of the historical, cultural and geographical factors which give each region its character, to set each dish in perspective. 

The recipes introduce the Western cook to a vast range of exotic tastes -- the fragrant sharpness of coriander, the smoky spice of fenugreek and cumin, the vivid color of turmeric, the richness of cream and almonds are just some of the delicious, unusual and characteristic flavors that you will discover as you cook. 

Sumptuous pictures of dishes prepared by the author will inspire you, and more complicated recipes are made simple by extensive use of step-by-step photographs. Typical menus and serving suggestions enable you to bring a delicious and authentic taste of the East into your home. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in beautiful condition. Dust jacket's top edge has a tiny tear. 

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