Indian Cookery - Vintage Cookbook 1953

Indian Cookery - Vintage Cookbook 1953 is noted as a cookbook for all countries. This is a great vintage collectible with 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket with plastic protective sleeve, 230 pages. 

Copyright: 1953. Reprinted 

Publisher: Arco Publishers, London 

Author: E.P. Veerasawmy 

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Description: There must be hundreds of thousands of people who know the famous Indian Restaurant, just off London's Regent Street, established by the author of this book. Mr. Veerasawmy, the foremost Indian Chef of the century, has written this lucid book of authentic Indian recipes for the amateur cook or the ordinary European housewife who has eaten and enjoyed Indian foods and would like to produce the dishes in her own kitchen with ease. He shows how what appears to be the most exotic and palatable dishes may be cooked by anyone without difficult.

Not only the important curries, but all the basic Indian meals -- with all the special and exciting extras -- are simply and delightfully explained. You are told where to buy the ingredients, how to buy them, and how to mix them.

Mr. Veerasawmy has set out to falsify the idea that Indian dishes are difficult to prepare, or that they require an expert touch. Indian Cookery vintage cookbook from 1953 is: 

  • The only authoritative work in the English language.
  • Written by the world's foremost Indian chef.
  • Authentic and simple.
  • A definitive Edition.
  • A unique Cookery Classic.


Condition: Nice condition with shelf wear and a tear in the bottom corner. 

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