Food for the Emperor: Recipes of Imperial China

Food For the Emperor is a vintage cookbook from 1963 that contains the recipes of Imperial China and a dictionary of Chineese cuisine. Many of the recipes contain a quote. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 116 pages 

Copyright: 1963 

Publisher: Gramercy Publishing Company 

Author: John D. Keys 

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Description: Some of the most interesting foods in the world came from China. For this unusual cookbook, John Keys carefully selected and tested recipes, mostly Mandarin but some from other areas. These are the special delicacies created for the Imperial household and not often found in American Chinese restaurants. These will appeal to the gourmet who appreciates haute cuisine and the American cook will find that these exotic Oriental dishes are not complicated to prepare and cook. 

The author has compiled and included a valuable Dictionary of Chinese Cuisine with descriptions of the diverse foods of China. In addition, there are charming excerpts from Chinese literature describing magnificent feasts, extolling the joy of eating, and offering delightful bits of philosophy. 


Condition: Good condition. Back of jacket has crease and minor wear. 

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