Ida Bailey Allen's Cookbook For Two

Vintage cookbook Ida Bailey Allen's Cookbook For Two is a classic book with almost 1,000 appetizing, quickly prepared recipes and menus for meals from appetizer through to desserts. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 339 pages. 

Copyright: 1957 

Publisher: Doubleday & Company 

Author: Ida Bailey Allen 

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Description: Brides and other cooks for twosomes can base a lifetime of gastronomic delight on the culinary wisdom of Ida Bailey Allen. 

The almost one thousand recipes of her Cook Book For Two, covering everything from hors d'oeuvres to desserts, are geared to serving two people. The whole process of producing a meal is covered -- marketing, garnishing, timing, and serving. 

"Whether you are a bride and groom, a retired couple, bachelors, or young women sharing an apartment together," Mrs. Allen writes, "you can enjoy good meals, often glamorous, without making a chore of it and without 'busting' the budget." 

Mrs. Allen advises in detail on important elements of the cooking art. These subjects include: 

  • What makes food taste good, buying quality produce, the appearance and use of herbs and seasonings. 
  • How to become a good cook, measures, cooking times, planning, balancing meals. 
  • Kitchens: outfitting for beginners, arrangement, step-saving. 

This book is designed especially for those who must combine other jobs with that of cooking. It places special emphasis on the right use of frozen, packaged, and prepared foods. It advises on cooking ahead, on timetable meals and on all-in-one dinners, complete with menus, procedure, and recipes. 

Mrs. Allen never forgets such practical matters as budgets and economy. She shows you how you can serve ordinary foods in appetizing form. She tells you about new ways for making omelets, roasting beef, lamb, and pork, and cooking stews, ragouts, and casseroles. 

Here is a household guide which takes you through brunch, luncheon, afternoon tea, cocktail parties, little dinners for two, bridge snacks and holiday open house. 


Condition: Dust jacket has minor shelf wear and interior flap is clipped. Further good condition 

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