Ida Bailey Allen's Cook Book - Kitchenette for Two

Ida Bailey Allen's Cook Book - Kitchenette for Two makes for a great cookbook collectible. It was published in 1938 and shares recipes for couples, roommates, and friends during the time. If you enjoy vintage cookbooks, this is a fun book for your collection shelves. It has great cover art and the recipes can still be used today. Vienna Meat Pies, Shrimp Souffle, Dandelion and Potatoes Old Fashioned Style, Virginia Broiled Ham, Quick Cinnamon Buns, and more recipes like these are found inside Ida Bailey Allen's Cook Book. 


Format: Hardcover metal spiral bound, 179 pages 

Copyright: 1938 

Publisher: Whitman Publishing Company 

Author: Ida Bailey Allen 

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Description: Whether you belong to the older generation and are cooking for the only member of the family remaining at home; whether you happen to be a bride cooking for a young husband; or a business girl or business man sharing an apartment with a friend -- the problems presented in cooking for two are substantially the same. 

Many letters to Ida Bailey Allen asked her to help solve these problems. In turn, she published this cookbook with menus for each month of the year with recipes necessary to carry them out. There is also a discussion of food values. Every recipe was tested and the menus were used in families of two. 


Condition: Good condition. Cover has wear at spine with board showing at corners. Opening page has ink mark price.

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