The Husband's Cookbook

The Husband's Cookbook from syndicated columnist Mike McGrady is a vintage 1979 recipe book designed for men. It offers 52 meal plans, along with some humor, instruction, and more for the beginning cook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic protective sleeve, 228 pages. 

Copyright: 1979 

Publisher: Lippincott 

Author: Mike McGrady 

ISBN: 9780397013722

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Description: Men of America, unite behind The Husband's Cookbook -- you have nothing to lose but your own feelings of inadequacy when confronted with a kitchen! That's Mike McGrady's manifesto, and it's guaranteed to revolutionize the way men think about cooking. 

Based on the author's syndicated column of the same name, The Husband's Cookbook is a practical and entertaining guide for men who have always wanted to learn how to cook but haven't advanced beyond making instant coffee. 

Mr. McGrady provides the nervous novice with all the information he needs to get started. He offers 52 complete meal plans, progressing from a simple dish (spaghetti) to a more difficult gourmet dinner (Chicken Kiev). Each menu plan is seasoned with humor and includes a shopping list, easy step-by-step recipe instructions, and an explicit, fail-safe timetable for preparing and cooking the food. 

Using The Husband's Cookbook, the rankest amateur can put together a full meal that will draw the astonished applause of family and friends. By the time he has worked his way through the book, he will have completed a basic course in cookery and should be able to improvise any number of dishes. To encourage the would-be Craig Claiborne, Mr. McGrady has kept his cooking instructions simple -- a "pinch" here, a "dash" there. His directions are spiced with amusing anecdotes, shortcuts, tips, substitutions, warnings, and salvage instructions. 

While The Husband's Cookbook is designed primarily for men, women will also love it. Men, whether they be bachelors or husbands, will see few sights more memorable than the way a woman's eyes can soften at the sight of a Beef Stroganoff -- especially if she didn't have to prepare it. 


Condition: Good condition. Jacket has some small creases on spine. 

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