Good Food From Hungary Cookbook 1958

Good Food From Hungary is a vintage cookbook of Hungarian recipes that was published in 1958. We went directly to the chapter of sweets and spotted a Hungarian Strudel with a variety of filling options, and something called Apple Bombs, which intrigued us as we have never heard of them. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 160 pages. 

Copyright: 1958 

Publisher: Frederick Muller 

Author: Kate Barlay 

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Description: Of no nation is this saying more true than of the Hungarians. Rich, flavorful, spicy, Hungarian foods -- and wines -- are exotically different from those of the rest of Europe -- as different and distinct as the Hungarian language itself. Transylvanian stuffed sour cabbage, paprika chicken with cream, gypsy rump steak -- the reader will find much to titillate the appetite and the imagination in this book, which includes the whole gamut of Hungarian cooking from soups and hors d'oeuvres to some most unusual sweets. Yet the keen cook will find nothing here that cannot be attempted with the resources of any well-stocked English provision store at her disposal. 

Kate Barlay, herself Hungarian by birth, has written many short stories about the country of her youth, and although present-day Hungary is unhappy and oppressed, she hopes this book will help to recall the gaiety and zest for good living which were so characteristic of this small nation on the banks of the Danube before the war. So try the recipes and imagine yourself in a candle-lit restaurant overlooking the fairy city of Budapest, and recall happier times that somehow, someday may return to the land of the Magyars. 


Condition: Jacket has some tears and creases, though it has a plastic protective sleeve over the jacket. A handful of pages has long creases in the pages, but the recipes are all intact. Further good condition. 

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