Hungarian Cookery Recipes New and Old Cookbook - Paprikas Weiss

Paprikas Weiss, a renowned Hungarian store in New York City, published Hungarian Cookery Recipes New and Old cookbook as a roadmap to preparing authentic Hungarian cuisine. 


Format: Hardcover, 276 pages 

Copyright: 1977 

Publisher: Paprikas Weiss Importer 

Author: Edward Weiss 

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Description: This is no mere book of recipes, savouring of the stifling kitchen on a hot day, but a veritable book of travel, romance, good health and humor. While preparing your dinner, you have journeyed to the Old World, and made excursions in the New, you have hunted moorland swamps for your game, and the dish you set before your guest is a dish fit for a king. 

No cuisine offers more titillating variation than the Hungarian, because it includes the choicest dishes of both the Eastern and Western Worlds. For more than a thousand years, Hungary has been a sort of meeting place for East and West. The Danube was one of the principal trade routes to Constantinople and the Orient. Crusades passed through Hungary. Tartar invasions spent their fury on the Hungarian Alfold and upon the banks of the Danube. And for almost three hundred years Hungary was the battleground of the Mohammedan and Christian civilizations. 

Each of these made its contribution to the Hungarian cuisine. The warring French, German, Italian, Turkish and Tartar armies left devastation in their wake but also new customer, new habits, and choice recipes! Hungary, the former land of plenty, improved upon them until today when together with the original recipes they form an integral part of a cookery which is renowned over all the world. 

In this book you will find all the best recipes of the Hungarian cuisine. Some of them have come from the kitchens of the old kings, others still make the simple, savoury fare of the peasants. Some are comparatively new and some are as old as the Magyar race itself. 


Condition: Interior pages are in very nice condition. Bookboards show minor shelf wear. Front cover's left edge has minor damage and interior part has two light stains. The outer part of the pages show tiny light speckles. 

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