How to Garnish Illustrated Step-By-Step Instructions

How to Garnish: Illustrated Step-By-Step Instructions offers clear illustrations and how-tos for garnishing. Impress your friends at your next gathering with food artistry discovered with this book. 


Format: Hardcover, 96 pages. 

Copyright: 1983

Publisher: International Culinary Consultants 

Author: Harvey Rosen 

ISBN: 9780939763092

$10.00 $8.99

Additional Details

Description: Chef Harvey Rosen's How to Garnish is more than just the most useful and informative book about food garnishing ever published. It's also the easiest to learn from, because it combines simple, easy-to-follow instructions with illustrations that show exactly what to do. No guesswork involved; everything you need to know is right here. 

How to Garnish is a fun book. It's fun to learn from and fun to use -- and it's guaranteed to reward you with many fun-filled hours that will come from amazing your friends and other guests with the results you're able to achieve using the valuable techniques the book reveals to you. 

Get set to enjoy yourself, get set for the compliments you'll receive, get set to give free rein to your own creative flair after you let this great book show you how to create mouthwatering elegance from commonplace foods. 

Colorful - over 20 full-color photos show you the elegant arrangements you'll be able to make as soon as you master the tools and techniques discussed (and fully illustrated) in this book. 

Comprehensive - discusses and shows everything you need to know to put your own creative talents to work. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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