Housekeeping in Old Virginia Cookbook 1965

Housekeeping in Old Virginia Cookbook from 1965 is an interesting piece of culinary history from the United States. It is a reprint from a 1879 edition that featured recipes from housewives during the time. With 250 recipes in all, there is a full list of contributors with the full names in the front of the book, and abbreviated names along with their recipe. 


Format: Hardcover, 375 pages 

Copyright: 1965 - Reprint of the 1879 edition 

Publisher: Favorite Recipes Press 

Author: Marion Cabell Tyree, Editor 

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Description: The Housekeeping in Old Virginia cookbook contains contributions from 250 of Virginia's noted housewives, distinguished for their skill in the culinary art and other branches of domestic economy. This is a reprint from 1965 of the original edition that was published by John P. Morton and Company in 1879. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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