Hotel Limpia Cookbook Fort Davis, Texas

Hotel Limpia Cookbook comes to you from this Fort Davis, Texas hotel. The cookbook contains recipes from the hotel's restaurant dining room. Their soup recipes are legendary and many are included inside like Fall favorite Pumpkin Corn Chowder. Their special Hotel Limpia Granola Cereal, a guest favorite, is also inside ... along with many more memorable dishes like these. 


Format: Hardcover internal spiral bound, 206 pages. 

Copyright: 1998 

Publisher: Cookbook Resources 

Author: Lanna Tweedy Duncan 

ISBN: 9780967069401

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Description: Nestled in the Davis Mountains, is The Hotel Limpia, a thirty-six room West Texas hostelry, abundant with memories and stories of its guests, dating back to 1884 when Fort Davis was a military post located on the Overland Trail, the trail which led brave travelers to points west. 

This is not only a cookbook of wonderful tried and true recipes from the kitchen of the hotel, but a brief photographic history of the Limpia and of those whose lives have been enriched through their experiences there. 

You will read about the families who operated the hotel in the early days when Fort Davis was a small resort town and guests checked-in for good food and rest after traveling across the state searching for a cooler more comfortable summer climate. Find, too, what happened to a lovely old building whose purpose appeared to be spent. Fortunately, as history repeats itself, those glory days of the hotel are back. As a full service hotel. The Hotel Limpia offers a dining style characteristic of the region, with a personality of its own. 

Here you will find a collection of favorite recipes, most of which have been prepared in the Dining Room and for special catering events. All have been selected with considerable attention to the requests of those who have passed through the doors of the hotel throughout the years. 

Recipes include: Buttermilk and Honey Biscuits, Cucumber Dressing and Raspberry Vinaigrette, Burgundy Marinated Roast Beef and Limpia Fried Catfish, Buttermilk. Coconut Cream, and French Silk Pies and much more. 

The Hotel Limpia remains a relaxing destination with good food and friendly folks, and where there is always a rocking chair just around the corner. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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