Hot and Spicy and Meatless

Hot and Spicy and Meatless features more than 150 fiery and delicious healthy recipes. Standout recipes like Sweet Potato Chips Dusted with Chimayo Red Chile, Bangkok Nachos, Chile-Cheese Bisque and Habanero Lasagna are just a few of the memorable recipes inside this Hot and Spicy and Meatless cookbook. This cookbook was produced by Chile Pepper Magazine. 


Format: Softcover, 262 pages. 

Copyright: 1994 

Publisher: Prima Publishing

Author: Dave Dewitt, Mary Jane Wilan and Melissa T. Stock 

ISBN: 9781559583619

$7.00 $5.99

Additional Details

Description: Chile peppers are good for you, and when you include them in delicious meat-free recipes, they really warm the heart -- while helping to keep it healthy. The authors eliminate the meat, increase the heat, and march to a healthful beat in Hot & Spicy & Meatless. Inside these sizzling pages you'll find a collection of mouthwatering recipes from around the world that will thrill adventuresome food lovers. Dishes from Southeast Asia, the West Indies, the American Southwest, Mexico, Madagascar, and other food meccas range from soups and salads to pastas and main dishes. Also included are recipes for chile-infused oils, soup stocks, sauces, and other basics for spicy cooking.


Condition: Cover has some worn paper at the corners and edges. Further good condition. 

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