Jane Butel's Hotter Than Hell

Jane Butel's Hotter Than Hell cookbook focuses on hot and spicy dishes from around the world. Chiles used in the book range from mild to searing hot. 


Format: Softcover, 199 pages. 

Copyright: 1987. First Printing

Publisher: HP Trade 

Author: Jane Butel 

ISBN: 9780895865427

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Description: Today's most popular cuisines have one thing in common -- hot and spicy flavors. Renowned cookbook author Jane Butel presents a clear, informative and fun picture of hot and spicy foods from cuisines around the world. 

Good hot cooking requires a variety of chiles, ginger, horseradish, mustard, pepper, onions and garlic, which Jane uses to season dishes from Appetizers to Sauces. She combines these ingredients in piquant, fiery dishes such as Oysters Hot Shots, Great-Grandma's Louisiana Gumbo. Devil's Shrimp, Jalapeno-Glazed Saddle of Venison or New Mexico Piccalilli Relish. 

You'll also find a refreshing beverage chapter with enticing recipes such as Mexico City Madman, Gulf Stream Gulp and Fen's Fang. And to cool off your palate, Jane has thoughtfully added a Sweet Endings chapter designed to satisfy even the most demanding sweet tooth. 


Condition: Back cover has a faded spot. Good condition.

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