Hot and Spicy Chili

Hot and Spicy Chili brings you a selection of 150 of the best chili recipes from chili capitals across the United States. 


Format: Softcover, 276 pages. 

Copyright: 1994 

Publisher: Prima Lifestyles 

Author: Melissa T. Stock, Mary Jane Wilan and Dave DeWitt 

ISBN: 9781559584203

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Description: Americans don't just like chili, they LOVE it! All across the country, weekend after weekend, regional chili-cook-off rivals vie for recognition as the best of the best. Hot & Spicy Chili captures the spirited atmosphere (and, of course, the flavor) of a championship chili cook-off and brings it into your own kitchen. Gathered together are 150 of the best and the hottest chili recipes from the chili capitals of America. Treat yourself and your family to delicious, authentic, and colorfully named dishes like: 

  • Yahoo Chili 
  • Hike 'n Fire Chili 
  • North Texas Red 
  • No Name Chili 
  • Contrary to Ordinary Chili 
  • Tom Mix Chili 
  • Sam Le Gear's Red Leg Chili 
  • Lone Star Red Chili 
  • Original San Antonio Chili 
  • Mrs. Owen's Cook Book Chili 
  • U.S. Army Chili 
  • Dallas County Jail Chili 
  • Chili DeGolyer 
  • Wick Fowler's Chili 
  • Joe Cooper's Chili 
  • Cincinnati-Style Chili 
  • Whale Chili 
  • Community Chili 
  • 1845 Brand Chili 
  • Grand Prize Chili 
  • Inspired Chili 
  • Pedernales River Rat Chili 
  • Hoot Owl Chili 
  • Fat Dog Chili 
  • Out Of Site Chili 
  • High-Octane Chili 
  • Cindy Reed's 1993 Championship Chili 
  • Snake Rattle & Roll No-Beans Chili 
  • Heavy Weight Chili 
  • Cock-Eyed Black Bull Chili 
  • Mission Chili 
  • Keller Green Chile Stew 
  • Santa Fe Trail Chile 
  • and many more! 

In addition to mouthwatering chili recipes, the authors have included tasty little morsels of "chilosophy" -- intriguing background information on the history of chili (hotly debated and shrouded in mystery as it is) -- and wacky anecdotes from the cook-off contests. Also included are chili appetizers, side dishes, and cool-down accompaniments. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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