Hot Diggity Cajun Cookbook

Taste-tempting dishes born on the bayou are found inside the Hot Diggity Cajun cookbook by Jennifer Honeycutt. Dishes like Spicy Turnovers, Snapper Luzianne, and Praline Apple Dumplings are some of the delicious recipes options in the cookbook. 


Format: Softcover wire bound, 175 pages. 

Copyright: 2001

Publisher: Specialty Cookbook Co. 

Author: Jennifer A. Honeycutt

ISBN: 9780971254701

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Description: "Come as You Are. Leave Different." For anyone who has enjoyed firsthand the rich and varied cultural offerings of the State of Louisiana, this new tagline used by the Louisiana Travel Promotion Association in their media campaign is a perfect assessment of that experience. It is, at once, casual, surprising, chaotic, unique and delicious, and no one leaves the region without learning how to squeeze a bit more pleasure out of life. 

Nowhere is this joyful diversity more obvious than in the culinary attitude of the people. I say "attitude" because Creole and Cajun approaches to food preparation involve more than the routine chemistry of combining ingredients for sustenance. Food becomes art for the palate, the ultimate creative expression of a spirited people who believe in making every moment count. Good eating is an integral part of life, and after tasting your way from one stop to the next, the visitor can almost imagine the existence of a special police force that escorts bad cooks to the state line. "You can ruin that trout somewhere else, Buddy. We don't allow your kind in Louisiana." 

Fortunately for the rest of the world, the techniques and ingredients most commonly employed by the area's leading practitioners can now be exported, although the attitude may take a little practice. For this reason, I recommend approaching "Hot Diggity Cajun" with an open mind and unhurried manner. Think of each recipe as a starting point for an adventure rather than a quick mealtime solution. And, by all means, sneak up on any unusual or spicy seasonings until you become accustomed to their influence in the finished dish. Peppers are especially famous for gaining in intensity as they blend with other elements. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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