Hopi Cookery

Hopi Cookery offers both more than 100 authentic recipes and historical notes from Hopi Native Americans. Delicious recipes like Meat Turnovers, Hopi Hominy, Fresh Corn Rolls, and Fried Green Chiles are some of the dishes inside this regional cookbook. 


Format: Softcover, 115 pages. 

Copyright: 1980 

Publisher: University Of Arizona Press 

Author: Juanita Tiger Kavena 

ISBN: 9780816506187

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Description: For centuries a unique culinary tradition has evolved on the high, wind-swept mesas of northeastern Arizona where nature grudgingly yields life. From generation to generation, Hopi Indian women have passed on a resourceful diet that has provided a high level of nutrition. 

Preserved here are more than 100 authentic recipes of the peace-loving Hopis—dishes that are sure to tempt the adventurous cook. Whether baked sweet corn and pinto beans, blue tortillas, pan-fried lamb or such exotic foods as baked prairie dog and prickly pear pad, these easy-to-follow recipes can all be duplicated in a modern kitchen. 

More than a cookbook though, Hopi Cookery supplies dietary insights and facts on edible plants, along with historic and cultural tidbits that author Kavena has gathered in her 32 years of teaching on the Hopi reservation. 

This book is a tribute to the Hopi way of life that continues to endure today—life reflected in simple foods served with quiet dignity—foods that are evidence of peace and harmony in society and with the environment. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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