Hong Kong Cookbook - Vintage Chinese Recipe Book

Hong Kong Cookbook  is a vintage Chinese recipe book published in 1970. It offers 150 recipes. Collectors will love the standout cover art. Cooks will enjoy preparing dishes for Dar Bin Loo, or recipes like Curried Lamb with Potatoes, and Lobster Cantonese with Ginger Bean Sauce. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 211 pages 

Copyright: 1970. Book Club Edition 

Publisher: Funk Wagnalls 

Author: Arthur Lem and Dan Morris 

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Description: "Food is the heaven of the ordinary people," says an old Chinese proverb, and this is particularly true in Hong Kong, for Hong Kong has taken the best mainland Chinese recipes and blended them into a delightful cuisine. 

The main difference between Chinese cooking as it is known in China and Chinese cooking as it is generally known in America is not so much what goes into a recipe as how it goes into a recipe. Every ingredient in every dish is blended in at just the right time, in just the right amount, and in just the right way. The resulting creation is a work of art, as good to smell and see as it is to taste. Yet American housewives will find that the authentic Chinese recipes in this book are simple to prepare and very inexpensive. 

This book presents more than 150 recipes, translated, tested, tasted, and all easily prepared in everyday American household kitchens. It includes a broad range of foods from soups to desserts, with a treasure chest of unusual dishes in between. 


Condition: Good condition. Cover has some worn artwork, small tears. Back cover has some faded dirt spots. Interior great condition. 

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