The Holiday Cook Book - 1950 Vintage Cookbook in Box

The Holiday Cook Book is a 1950 vintage cookbook in a small cardboard box. The book is a small hardcover decorated with colorful holiday-related line art illustrations. 


Format: Hardcover, 64 pages 

Copyright: 1950 

Publisher: Peter Pauper Press 

Author: Peter Pauper Press 

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Additional Details

Description: This little book is designed to be a cheery little hand-book of holiday cookery with a number of substantial old-time recipes generously sprinkled with some dashing newcomers. By choosing one dish from each section, the experienced hostess can whip together unusual or traditional menus, as the spirit moves her. 

The following pages will provide an over-abundance of spice for the appetite, but there is one ingredient that only you can provide. 

You will have to add your own particular seasoning of gayety, love and good-humor to everything you serve. Without these, even the best-cooked dinner will be a failure; with these, even the poorest dinner a success! 


Condition: Cookbook good condition. Box has a torn corner and some worn edges and foxing. 

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