Holiday Inn Cookbook and Travel Guide - Vintage 1969

Holiday Inn Cookbook and Travel Guide is a vintage 1969 recipe book from the popular hotel chain. This is a truly nostalgic cookbook with recipes from the Holiday Inns across the United States. 


Format: Softcover, 360 pages 

Copyright: 1969 

Publisher: Holiday Inn 

Author: Holiday Inn 

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Description: Our ancestors traveled by horseback and stagecoach to roadside inns and enjoyed good food and hospitality. Since the beginning of our country, some of the finest cooking in America has been found, not only in the home, but in the roadside inn. It was the heart of the village, often used as a meeting place before other structures were built. Local people and travelers gathered there for news and exchange of opinions while enjoying good food amid relaxing surroundings. Hospitality, bestowed on a personal basis by the hosts of these places, made every stranger feel he was indeed a welcome guest. 

Modern travelers today have returned to the roads -- in streamlined automobiles. The Holiday Inns they find on modern roads and superhighways offer the same hospitality as the inns of our ancestors discovered along the post roads and old pikes. From the Atlantic to the Pacific . . . from the Gulf of Mexico far into Canada, Holiday Inns offer delicious food. The most modern accommodations make the traveler of today feel that he has a real home away from home where every member of his family is welcome. 

The old inns played an important part in the history of our country. William Penn was welcomed at the Blue Anchor Inn when he came to Philadelphia in 1682, and Thomas Jefferson even drafted the Declaration of Independence in an Inn. Longfellow laid the scenes for his famous poem "Tales of a Wayside Inn" in still another. Today company policies are created, and men and women are awarded honors and places of position in the convention rooms of Holiday Inns across the nation. 

Everyone who has traveled has a favorite Holiday Inn. This book was created to help Holiday Inn guests enjoy in their own homes some of the same delicious dishes they discovered at a Holiday Inn. 

Besides recipes, there's a description of an Inn and its restaurant on every page making this book a travelers' guide. Places of historic interest and the type of entertainment near the Inn are included. 

New editions of this cookbook, travel guide and sightseeing manual are all larger and different. Many changes are made each time about Inns already in the book and additional pages are added as new Holiday Inns open in the United States and foreign lands. 


Condition: Good condition, though covers show some shelf wear with rubbing and small tears along the edges. The opening page has a date in ink. 

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