Historical Cookery of the Black Hills Cookbook South Dakota

Historical Cookery of the Black Hills Cookbook South Dakota is a potpourri of recipes, anecdotes, stories, that capture the history of The Black Hills. If you enjoy learning about cooking in the past, this is a special collector's book that showcases the famed mountain range and home of Mount Rushmore. 


Format: Softcover, 94 pages 

Copyright: 1979 

Publisher: The Mountain Company, Inc. 

Author: Alex Adamson 

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Description: Historical Cookery of the Black Hills Cookbook is a collector's book of anecdotes, recipes, and pencil sketches that captures some of the magic and mystery of The Black Hills. On the massive face of Mount Rushmore, carved in ancient granite, are the likenesses of four Presidents of the United States. A colossus in living stone, and an awe inspiring monument to Democracy. Viewed in their gigantic proportions the faces on the mountain are aloof and remote, but the men themselves were very human with all the foibles, frailties, and fancies of lesser men. Those fancies are an interesting side light on greatness. This is the story of those "fancies" and those of the lesser men and women whose colour and character made the story of the Black Hills.  


Condition: Slight discoloration on covers. Lightly bent in the top right corner. Further good condition. 

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