Hillbilly Cookin' Number 2 Cookbook

Hillbilly Cookin' Number 2 Cookbook brings you more recipes and more sayings following in the footsteps of the first book. This sequel cookbook is a fun pamphlet style booklet that is now a vintage collectible. 


Format: Softcover, 64 pages. 

Copyright: 1972 

Publisher: Clinch Mountain Lookout, Inc. 

Author: Sam Carson & A.W. Vick 

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Additional Details

Description: Here is a sequel cookbook to Hillbilly Cooking. The second volume contains additional recipes and sayings. If you enjoyed the first cookbook, you are sure to be pleased with the recipes inside volume 2. Enjoy recipes like  Pertater Cake, Shoofly Pie, Prune Puff Up, Chicken Dumplins, and more!


Condition: Good condition. Cover has some rubbing where color is faded. Original shop sticker and price sticker on back. 

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