Fantasy Cookbook - Rita and Tim Hildebrandt

Fantasy Cookbook by Rita and Tim Hildebrandt features 100 recipes with a fantasy theme. Popular illustrator Tim Hildebrandt created the wonderful line illustrations inside. This magical cookbook is highly desirable for collectors. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 195 pages. 

Copyright: 1983 

Publisher: MacMillan Publishing Company 

Author: Rita and Tim Hildebrandt 

ISBN: 9780672527036

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Description: Rita Hildebrandt has linked her culinary expertise with the artistic talents of her husband,illustrator Tim Hildebrandt, to bring vividly to life the continent of Zir, an enchanted place peopled by proud Amazons, Elves, Fairies, clumsy and argumentative Trolls, Dwarfs, graceful sea people, and the omnipotent wizard, Alzar. The Fantasy Cookbook offers a wealth of folklore on all the inhabitants of that charmed land, including their origins, cultures, traditions and perhaps most telling, their cuisines.  

While the existence of these folk may be no more than wishful thinking, the recipes in The Fantasy Cookbook are very real and ready for preparation in any earthly kitchen. Hearty eaters will appreciate the stick-to-your-ribs recipes developed by the Trolls, who fuel their aggressive laziness with thick stews and breads. Vegetarians and light eaters will prefer the airy fruit and vegetable dishes perfected by the Fairies, and the curries Alzar shares with his dragon are zesty enough to warm the heart of any aficionado of spicy foods. Each of the more than 100 imaginative recipes here has been kitchen-tested to ensure savory results and all are certain to spark intriguing dinner conversation as well as to provide exciting eating for you and your family. 

The Fantasy Cookbook provides a feast for the eye as well as for the palate, for it showcases the captivating artwork of Timothy Hildebrandt, one of the foremost fantasy illustrators in the world today. Well known for his Dungeons and Dragons and Tolkien calendars, posters, paintings, and books, he has created 120 opulent line illustrations that conjure up the charm of Zir and color art that makes real its enchanting people. 

As Rita Hildebrandt points out in her introduction, you will not become a dwarf if you drink their mead; nor will you turn into a troll by eating their stews. But the magic that The Fantasy Cookbook brings into your life and onto your table has considerable power, indeed. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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