The Herbs and Spices Cookbook

The Herbs and Spices Cookbook shows you how to make the best use of herbs and spices in your cooking. This is a stunning cookbook — highly visual with a lot of photos and sidebar style content. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 144 pages. 

Copyright: 2000 

Publisher: Transedition 

Author: Christian Teubner 

ISBN: 9780670871056

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Description: There can be no doubt that Herbs & Spices is the most beautiful and the most complete and authoritative book on the subject that has ever been put together. First published in Germany in 1993, and awarded a gold medal in 1994 by the German Gastronomy Academy for meeting the highest standards of cook book publication, Herbs & Spices is quite literally a feast for the eyes and senses because of the magnificent photography of Ghristian Teubner. 

Of equal importance to this great book arc the eighty recipes incorporating the full range of herbs and spices that have been created by Eckart Witzigmann, who is recognized as one of the most imaginative and original chefs working in the gourmet world today. Having trained under such famous chefs as Paul Haeberlin and Paul Bocuse, Witzigmann established his own restaurant in Germany, where it became the first in that country to be awarded three stars by Michelin. 

And there is so much more. Dr. Sybil Schonfeldt has provided a historical sketch, showing how herbs and spices traveled from country to country and the knowledge of how to use them passed from generation to generation. Also, Dr. Ulrich Gerhardt and Daniel Ruhlemann, who are specialists in the field, contributed their own invaluable information. 

The result is a wonderfully beautiful and informative book that guides you in making food more interesting for family and friends by using this treasure trove of recipes for sauces and butters, salads and salad dressings, soups and snacks, egg and cheese dishes, pasta, rice and potatoes, fish and seafood, meat and poultry. Lastly, Herbs & Spices shows you how to grow your own, how to dry and preserve them, and how to use them to flavor oil and vinegar and to create preserves and relishes. 


Condition: Cover has some faint areas where the printer's ink is smudged. Further good condition. 

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