An Herb and Spice Cookbook: Craig Claiborne

An Herb and Spice Cookbook by Craig Claiborne compiles 400 original recipes categories under 54 hers and spices. Do you favorite a particular spice like Garlic or Ginger? With this vintage cookbook from 1963, you'll get some excellent dishes that use your most desired flavors. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic protective sleeve, 334 pages 

Copyright: 1963 

Publisher: Harper and Row Publishers 

Author: Craig Claiborne 

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Description: There is nothing arcane about cooking with herbs and spices. It is an art and act as universal and almost as ancient as fire. It ranges from the cuisines of primitive lands, where a single spice might be ground, to the more sophisticated delights of the French with the subtle fines herbes. 

Like butter and wine, herbs rank as a primary essence of good cooking. In this book, Craig Claiborne, well- known and widely read food editor of The New York Times, has collected over 400 original and tempting recipes for every kind of meal or menu. It does not pretend to include the culinary uses of every herb and spice; it is rather a book for those who like to dine well and, on occasion, with a sense of adventure. It deals with well- known herbs and spices as well as some that are only "reasonably" known. 

The recipes have been arranged under the 54 herbs and spices in the book. They range from the simplest soup that can be brightened by the proper herb or spice to the most sophisticated dinner recipe. It is the discrimination, balance and originality of the recipes that make this cook book so unusual and desirable. There are native American dishes as well as recipes from many foreign countries representing a subtle choice of the finest cuisines throughout the world. 

In recent years there has been a tremendous surge of interest in cooking with herbs and spices, and in this carefully selected and tested cook book everyone will find a new vista to the joys of cooking and eating. The recipes are presented in a clear, step-by-step manner; there are illustrations of many herbs and spices; and there is a complete cross-referenced index. 


Condition: Dust jacket has tears at corners and frayed edges and jacket flap is clipped. Further good condition. 

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