Helen Corbitt's Cook Book

Helen Corbitt's Cook Book is a later printing of a 1957 vintage cookbook classic from the former director of the Neiman-Marcus restaurants in Dallas. She was the equivalent of today's top chefs. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 388 pages

Copyright: 1957, 40th Printing

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

Author: Helen Corbitt

ISBN: 9780395075777

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Description: While serving as director of restaurants at the famous Neiman-Marcus store in Dallas, Helen Corbitt wrote this cookbook based on her experience there. It has proved enormously popular. In it she reveals her professional secrets, discussing every aspect of cooking, from new and unusual appetizers to cloud-light desserts, making it easy for the reader to prepare the same delectable dishes that she has served to celebrities. 

Helen Corbitt, an authority on food is a truly creative cook and superlative party-giver. Earl Wilson called her "the greatest cook in Texas." The Duke of Windsor asked her how she made the Avocado Mousse she served him in Houston. Governors, politicians, college presidents, oilmen, and literary figures have for years requested the recipes for the superb dishes she created for Neiman-Marcus's Zodiac Room. 

With an easy informal style and natural humor Miss Corbitt guides both the new and experienced housewife in preparing favorites to suit all palates and purses. The thick sirloins are here. But so are the flank steaks, the short ribs, and the stews. If you are planning a party, Helen Corbitt's advice will eliminate hysteria and backache. She is an experimenter, a resourceful kitchen magician who believes that anyone can be a great cook if she will only try. 

Whatever the size of your kitchen, your family, or your guest list, Helen Corbitt's Cookbook will make daily cooking and special entertaining more fun for everyone -- including the cook. 


Condition: Dust jacket has some corner wear and small tears. Interior good. 

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