Helen Corbitt's Potluck Vintage Cookbook - 1st Printing SIGNED

This collectible Helen Corbitt's Potluck vintage cookbook was signed and inscribed by the Corbitt. An award-winning chef and cookbook author and Director of Neiman Marcus Restaurants, she was considered a top chef of the time with several publications likening her to Julia Child and the "Balenciaga" of food. Collectors will love this special signed vintage treasure. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket with plastic protective sleeve, 181 pages. 

Copyright: 1962, Eighth printing 

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company 

Author: Helen Corbitt 

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Description: Helen Corbitt's fame as a creative cook is international, and is based on the delicious meals served in the famous Zodiac Room at Neiman-Marcus in Dallas, as well as on her best-selling Helen Corbitt's Cookbook, of which 132,000 copies are now in print. 

In Helen Corbitt's Potluck, her second book, she reveals the secrets of her outstanding Potluck creations, easily served feasts that can be prepared with a minimum of time and ingredients, are creative yet simple, and often surprisingly inexpensive. A single dish is often the inspiration for an entire menu, which Miss Corbitt describes in loving detail. 

"Potluck," she writes, is "what you decide to have for lunch or dinner today, from things on hand, in the refrigerator, the pantry, or in your Christmas basket. If you have developed a kindly attitude toward your fellowman, and have a reasonable delight in discovering new tastes to surprise and please him, you will make Potluck pleasant to come home to." Helen Corbitt's Potluck is filled with such delights and discoveries. Merely to read its recipes is to whet the appetite. 


Condition: Good condition. One corner of jacket has small tear at tip. 

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