Helen Corbitt Cooks for Looks Cookbook

Vintage 1967 Helen Corbitt Cooks for Looks cookbook showcases the recipes of one of America's great chefs. With over a month's worth of recipes for low-calorie meals, Corbitt shares dishes served at The Greenhouse spa in Dallas and Fort Worth where she was in charge of meal planning. 


Format: Hardcover, 115 pages 

Copyright: 1967 

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company 

Author: Helen Corbitt 

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Description: Helen Corbitt believes that meals can be well-balanced and nutritious, attractive and delicious, even though they add up to only 850 calories a day. Recently she had an opportunity to test her ideas when she was asked to take charge of planning the meals at The Greenhouse, an elegant and famous beauty spa midway between Dallas and Fort Worth that is owned and operated by the Great Southwest Corporation and guided by Neiman-Marcus of Dallas and Charles of the Ritz. At The Greenhouse, in a setting of exotic gardens, opulent pools, and background music, a small number of women participate in a carefully planned ten-day regime of exercise, massage, sunbathing, and beauty counseling. And three times a day Greenhouse residents enjoy Helen Corbitt's meals. 

This book contains a month's worth of recipes for delectable low-calorie eating. All of the recipes have been tried out at The Greenhouse, where the usual weight loss is from five to seven pounds a week. The well-balanced meals emphasize vitamins and minerals, and Miss Corbitt has used all her skill to make them nutritious and attractive. 

Her book is full of ideas and suggestions that will be new to many dieters. For instance, although she recommends strictly limited consumption of alcohol, she favors using wine, beer and cognac in cooking, for heat will evaporate the alcohol and leave only the flavor. She advocates cooking simple rather than complex dishes, using fruits and vegetables in their natural state, roasting and broiling rather than frying, using natural seasonings, serving food decoratively garnished to lift the dieter's morale. Eliminating excessive butter, cream and sugar, she points out, permits one to savor the food itself. Once such practices have been followed for a while, they will become permanent preferences. Then dieting, instead of being self-inflicted torture, can be an adventure in good eating. 

Helen Corbitt is Director of Restaurants at Neiman-Marcus in Dallas. She lectures on fashions and foods to women's groups throughout the country, and once a year she conducts an enormously popular three-day cooking school at Neiman-Marcus. In 1961 she became the first -- and so far she is the only -- woman to receive the Golden Plate Award, the Food Service Industry's highest honor given annually by the Institutional Food Manufacturers' Association. Miss Corbitt has traveled abroad frequently, collecting information on European cooking. Her previous books are Helen Corbitt's Cookbook and Helen Corbitt's Potluck.  


Condition: Last page has half page erasure of handwritten recipe. No jacket. Further good condition. 

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