Wisdom and Healing Power of Whole Foods, includes Audio CD

Wisdom and Healing Power of Whole Foods, includes Audio CD is not a cookbook. Instead it is a handbook for utilizing whole foods and life style changes to improve health and wellness. 


Format: Softcover, 154 pages. Audio CD included. 

Copyright: 2009 

Publisher: Nutrition Times Press, Inc. 

Author: Dr. Patrick Quillin 

ISBN: 9780963837271

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Description: America is at the brink of a health care meltdown. Whole foods and harnessing nature's wisdom may provide the answers to many of our health challenges, both personal and financial. In this landmark book, an internationally respected nutritionist and author tackles the complex subject of how foods can prevent and even reverse common health ailments.

Whole foods contain an elegant array of known essential nutrients, minor dietary constituents, conditionally essential nutrients, and more that can bring the body above surviving through illness into thriving through wellness. This book brings the best of science to the lay public without the complex terms of science, but with all the passion and information necessary to convey this simple message.

In whole foods we find an amazing symphony of substances that provide the human body with the building blocks of healing and wholeness. Having worked with thousands of patients in both hospital and clinic settings, Dr. Quillin brings case studies and his rich 27 year experience of learning and teaching the subject of nutrition. 

You will learn: 

  • How we can learn proper nutrition from nature. 
  • How can there be malnutrition in America the bountiful? 
  • How our impending health care meltdown can be avoided and what you can do to protect you and your family. 
  • The laws of optimal nutrition so that you can develop good judgment in choosing foods wisely. 
  • An alphabetic listing of the health benefits of whole foods. 
  • The amazing list of "what's in a whole fresh apple" to appreciate the elegance of whole foods. 
  • Nutritious and delicious recipes. 
  • From nature's pharmacy" opens each chapter with a unique ingredient that has major healing potential. 
  • General rules for wellness to improve your lifestyle and avoid many common ailments. 
  • Weight loss: safe, natural and permanent. 
  • Diabetes: how to avoid it or possibly even reverse it. 
  • Cancer: how whole foods can dramatically lower the risk for cancer. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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