Harambee African Family Circle Cookbook - Signed

Harambee African Family Circle Cookbook is a signed and inscribed cookbook from author Grace Kuto. The cookbook shares the history and culture of East Africa and presents over 30 authentic recipes that reflect the cuisine of different ethnic groups of Kenya. 


Format: Softcover, 158 pages 

Copyright: 1995 

Publisher: BookPartners, Inc. 

Author: Grace Kuto 

ISBN: 9781885221254

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Description: Harambee! African Family Circle Cookbook, is written in the spirit of harambee (pronounced har-ahm-bay) and symbolizes that people working together can make a bigger difference in a community than one person working alone. 

This cookbook captures the life and rich traditions of rural East Africa. Concerned with the rapid changes taking place in her homeland where time-honored customs and seasoned sets of values are falling in the path of urban development, the author reminds readers of the the wholeness of the African family circle and the value it has for people everywhere. 

Simple and healthy recipes, valuable nutritional information accompany colorful descriptions of ceremonies, customs, traditions and charming sketches from the author's childhood. 


Condition: Good condition. Author's signature and inscription in ink. 

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