Happy Baker Cookbook

The Happy Baker cookbook is a blend of baking and dating. With easy-to-follow recipes for mouth-watering sweets, you'll enjoy this dater's guide to emotional baking. 


Format: Hardcover, 239 pages. First printing 

Copyright: 2000 

Publisher: Happy Baker Publishing 

Author: Erin Bolger  

ISBN: 9780981189307

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Additional Details

Description: "My name is Earl" meets "Sex in the City" meets "Grandma's Cookie Jar." Yep, that's The Happy Baker book in a nutshell, possibly with a little Golden Girls thrown in ... think Rose Nyland. 

The Happy Baker book is a collection of recipes most of which are unique to Erin Bolger aka The Happy Baker's rural upbringing, matched with her own personal dating memories. The memoir vignettes are singularly her own, but are at the same time very relatable. Sometimes it's nice to know you weren't the only one to make out with a long-haired rocker in the middle of a cornfield, with bangs the size of Oklahoma! 



Condition: Cover and interior pages are in very nice condition. 

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