Griswold's Own Recipes: Swedish Smorgasboard Secrets

Griswold's Own Recipes: Swedish Smorgasboard Secrets is a recipe booklet with recipes served at the popular Swedish restaurant located in the cities of Claremont and Redlands, California. 


Format: Softcover, 31 pages. 


Publisher: Griswold's 

Author: Griswold's 

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Description: From the humble beginnings of a roadside stand on Foothill Boulevard in 1950, has grown the unique operation that today is Griswold's. The Smorgasbord restaurants in Claremont and Redlands have served many millions of meals, always striving to maintain the highest quality and using "butter 'n love." The continental bakeries draw people from all areas of southern California. The Indian Hill serves fine foods and cocktails in an impressive setting as does the Country House in Redlands. 

Many people of many talents from Griswold's provided their "secrets" which are shared in this cookbook booklet. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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