Greenbrier Hotel Cookbook White Sulfpher Springs, WV

The Greenbrier Hotel Cookbook from the acclaimed hotel in White Sulfpher Springs, West Virginia, brings you recipes from the hotel's executive chef Hermann Rusch. This vintage cookbook is a special find. Fans and guests of the Greenbrier Hotel will truly enjoy recreating the hotel's magic at home. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 282 pages 

Copyright: 1975 

Publisher: Contemporary Books, Inc. 

Author: Hermann Rusch and Martina Neely. 

ISBN: 9780809283538

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Description: The Greenbrier Hotel, located in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, is perhaps the foremost resort hotel in the United States. That is a large claim, but the historic Greenbrier, set in hundreds of acres in the hills of West Virginia, is prepared to back it up with its unparalleled facilities, graceful service, and, most important, unexcelled cuisine. 

The Greenbrier Cookbook is, simply, a collection of the greatest recipes that Hermann Rusch has produced in his capacity as Executive Food Director. Included are numerous cooking hints and basic recipes for stocks, glazes, sauces, and pastries. The recipes -- many of which are old favorites among guests -- include such dishes as curried mussels, filet de rouget de mer Provencale, terrapin Baltimore, beef Miroton, sweetbreads in champagne sauce Polignac, double veal cutlet Metropole, breast of pheasant under glass, eggplant compote, mushrooms Bordelaise, and asparagus with cheese fondue. Desserts -- always popular when they come from Hermann Rusch's kitchen -- include Genoise sponge cake, chocolate souffle pudding, and Dutch almond tart. 

The recipes alone would make it attractive enough. But not only is The Greenbrier Cookbook a fine addition to any gourmet's kitchen library, it is also the distillation of a professional career that covers fifty years, three continents, seven countries, and some of the greatest hotel restaurants in the world. 

Ultimately, The Greenbrier Cookbook offers a course in gastronomy that parallels the famous professional cooking school Chef Rusch conducts at the hotel. Exquisitely designed, this cookbook offers the best of the best. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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