Greater American Cook Book - Vintage 1940 Ruth Berolzheimer

The Greater American Cook Book is a 1940 vintage cookbook that is really ten cookbooks in one. The book was formerly published under the name The United States Regional Cook Book prior to this 1940 printing. This is a truly comprehensive cookbook with 752 pages filled with recipes from around the country that are focused on different regional styles passed down from Europe, Asia, etc. The chapters are almost book like and separated by finger tabbed divider pages. There are sections for Creole, Pennsylvania Dutch, Michigan Dutch, Wisconsin Dutch, New England, Minnesota Scandinavian, Cosmopolitan American, Western, Mississippi Valley, Southern and Auxiliary Recipes. If you love to cook and try different styles of cuisine, this is the book for you. You will love this vintage cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover, 752 pages. 

Copyright: 1940 

Publisher: Consolidatd Book Publishers Incorporated, Chicago Ill. 

Author: Edited by Ruth Berolzheimer 

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Description: The Greater American Cook Book consists of ten principal sections, each devoted to a characteristic American style of cooking, complete with a large number of recipes and detailed discussions of procedures. The Southern, The Pennsylvania Dutch, the New England, the Western and many others equally delightful are included. This is actually ten cookbooks in one.

Each foreign land has its individual culinary style, which originated centuries ago and has been handed down from generation to generation. From time to time these Old World recipes have found their way to America, where they were combined and harmonized with other styles, adapting them to the greater abundance and excellence of American foodstuffs. Instead of a few national dishes, there are in America literally thousands of deliciously different foods representative of all sections of the country.

The suavely spiced Creole dishes of Old New Orleans, French in origin, and the simple but appetizing fare of the Deep South exist side by side. Luscious Scandinavian foods and hearty German cookery, with its fine gravies and sauces have found a new home and wider appeal. Originally from the British Isles, but with delightful additions and improvements, have come the chowders and boiled dinners of New England. Each nation of the Occident and Orient has contributed. Old recipes have been enhanced by clever use of vegetables and fruits unobtainable in the Old World, but traditional, time-tried combinations of seasoning and methods of preparation have been lost. The result is a whole galaxy of modern culinary style. 


Condition: Covers are in fairly good condition with some wear to the corners and cloth frays. There are a couple pages attached but where mesh shows through a bit from the binding. Several pages had pencil writing and there are thus some erasures. There are a handful of pages with notations in ink. The index has a few notations or marks as well.

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