Great Dishes of the World Cookbook - Robert Carrier

Great Dishes of the World Cookbook by Robert Carrier includes fascinating recipes from his world travels. This vintage 1963 cookbook is packed with international dishes from all over the globe -- from Asia to Europe. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 279pages. 

Copyright: 1963 

Publisher: Random House 

Author: Robert Carrier 

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Description: Great Dishes of the World Cookbook which was published in London in 1963, was an immediate best-seller, praised not only for the excellence of its recipes, but also for the style and wit of its author, Robert Carrier.  

Robert Carrier's enthusiasm is infectious, his recipes not only fascinating -- the results of his world-wide travels -- but also reliable, all tested by him in his own kitchens. Carrier is acknowledged to be one of the great gourmets and haute cuisine chefs of the world. In addition, he has included a most useful introductory section, explaining the art of cooking, which will be invaluable to the beginner and enable him to undertake with confidence the more elaborate dishes which follow. Experienced cooks will also find this section interesting and stimulating. 

And, of course, this magnificent book has been thoroughly Americanized for presentation in this country and the recipes adjusted to available and convenient American products. We are confident that no more exciting cookery book to own has been published for many years. 


Condition: Dust jacket has minor bubbled areas in the laminate. Jacket flap is clipped. Further good condition. 

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