Great Book of Couscous Cookbook - Middle Eastern

Great Book of Couscous cookbook shares 350 recipes for North African pasta or couscous. Popular in the cuisines of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, couscous is the key focus of the cookbook's recipes including Vegetarian Chick Pea Stew, Baked Stuffed Bread Pancakes (Khubz Mtabqa) and Beef in Black Sauce (M'loukhia). 


Format: Softcover, 333 pages 

Copyright: 1994 

Publisher: Donald I. Fine, Inc. 

Author: Copeland Marks 

ISBN: 9781556114205

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Description: In his new cookbook Great Book of Couscous, the author of Sephardic Cooking and False Tongues and Sunday Bread: A Guatemalan and Mayan Cookbook presents some 350 recipes from one of the great cuisines of the world that is becoming increasingly popular in North America. Couscous, which is North African pasta, is a form of cracked wheat steamed and eaten as a cereal or with meat and vegetables as a main dish or with fruits and nuts as a dessert. It is available in every supermarket. 

The recipes in The Great Book of Couscous are equally divided among Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The chapters are helpfully and functionally divided into groups within each country according to such categories as meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, fruits and desserts. In today's health-conscious world, couscous provides a remarkably versatile high-fiber food, available to all as a cereal as well as in combination with the stuff of main courses and delicious desserts. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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