From My Grandmother's Kitchen: A Sephardic Cookbook

From My Grandmother's Kitchen: A Sephardic Cookbook is a collection of family recipes, cuisine from the Sephardic Jews. This exotic blend of Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian and Spanish cuisines is showcased inside this wonderful cookbook that will introduce you to this delicious cuisine. 


Format: Softcover, 184 pages. 

Copyright: 1984 

Publisher: Triad Publishing Company 

Author: Viviane Miner and Linda Krinn 

ISBN: 9780937404232

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Description: As a young child, Viviane Miner spent many cherished hours in her grandmother's kitchen, absorbing the lively and creative approach to cooking that has been central to her family's way of life for generations. In From My Grandmother's Kitchen, she shares her rich and diverse culinary heritage -- a cuisine that has evolved over centuries of migration by the Sephardic Jews. 

This personal collection of family recipes is Balkan Sephardic -- an exotic blend of Turkish, Greek, Romanian, and Bulgarian cuisines, with an underlying Spanish influence. The dishes themselves are as fascinating as their names: cheese filled Bulemas, Pastel Berenjena (eggplant pie), Bourekitas Espinaca, (spinach turnovers), Reyenados Stuffed Vegetables, Albondigas Vinaigra (Turkish sour meat balls), Bulgarian Filled Bread, Canella, Halvah, Baklava, Melon Cream and Anise Biscotchos. 

The author introduces her recipes with warm and delightful memories of growing up in Geneva, Switzerland, and with family photographs that conjure up images of a bygone era -- of tradition, of ceremony, and of a large, gregarious family with close ties to one another and to their past. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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