Granddaughter's Inglenook Cookbook

Granddaughter's Inglenook Cookbook brings you recipes from the Church of the Brethren membership or the Dunkers. This is the Granddaughter's edition of the famous turn of the century Inglenook cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and protective sleeve, 320 pages 

Copyright: 1973 

Publisher: The Brethren Press 

Author: Members of the Church of Brethren 

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Description: Many of the recipes in the Granddaughter's Inglenook Cookbook, like those which appeared in its predecessor, the original Inglenook, were tested in the farm kitchens of members of the Church of the Brethren, one of the American denominations that developed along the east coast in the eighteenth century when refugees from religious strife in Europe sought a new home in the colonies. The Brethren, sometimes called Dunkers in the early years, were once easily identified by plain clothing, bonnets and beards, and by farms that prospered on good soil in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio and Indiana. 

Now scattered in a thousand congregations across the country and supporting works of service and mercy around the world, many appear little different from their neighbors while some follow more traditional ways. But together they cherish a heritage that is only partially reflected in the recipes handed down from grandmother to granddaughter. Best of all may be their recipe for the good life: take your religion seriously; make it practical in everyday matters; don't force it on others; live at peace with your neighbors, those next door and those around the world; work hard; live simply; and always be prepared to lend more than one helping hand to someone in need. 


Condition: Dust jacket has minor shelf wear and laminate film is slightly peeling in some areas. Interior very good condition. 

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