Grand Wok Cookbook - Olivia Wu

The Grand Wok Cookbook by Olivia Wu features the art of cooking in a wok. Recipes and how-tos will prepare you to make both Western and Oriental-style gourmet fare.  


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 218 pages 

Copyright: 1984 

Publisher: Barron's 

Author: Olivia Wu 

ISBN: 9780812055931

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Description: Here, at last, is the definitive statement on the art of wok cooking -- the techniques, the recipes, all the information you need to master that most versatile of appliances. Grand Wok Cookbook is for people who aspire to excellence in the kitchen. Armed with a wok and this book, you'll be able to prepare an astonishing array of dishes Western-style as well as Oriental, gourmet specialties as well as delightful family fare. 

First you'll learn how to cut your ingredients with the finesse of a Chinese chef; then the author instructs you in the various methods of wok cooking. You'll be able to stir-fry, deep-fry, braise, poach, saute, roast, or steam virtually anything within the confines of your wok -- with just a little occasional help from youi saucepan or skillet. You'll discover the pleasure and ease of wok cooking, too, as you begin to toss your ingredients with creative abandon. Writes the author in her introduction, "No other cooking utensil gives the cook more fun or a greater sense of exuberance." 

The recipes offer you plenty of opportunities to show off your new skills. Eclectic and seasoned with a dash of imagination, they range from traditional Chinese stir-fries and Southeast Asian curries to favorite Western specialties like pasta and fried chicken. You'll learn how to cook simple yet offbeat dishes like Creole jambalaya, then conjure up elegant preparations like veal roulades with orange peel. Appetizers, main courses, vegetable dishes, and desserts -- you can create them all in your wok! 


Condition: Opening blank red page has gift inscription in ink. Laminate on dust jacket lightly bubbling. Further good condition. 

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