As Good As Gold Recipes Cooking Contests Signed

As Good As Gold: Grand Prize Recipes From America's Cooking Contests cookbook is signed by the author Linda Davis-O'Brien. Every recipe inside this cookbook is a top prize winner in its competition and has won the coveted Grand Prize, earning for its creator thousands of dollars, exotic trips and cruises, luxury cars, or dream kitchen makeovers loaded with the latest in appliances. 


Format: Hardcover spiral bound, 222 pages 

Copyright: 1993, First Edition, First Printing 

Publisher: Wimmer Book Distributor 

Author: Linda Davis-O'Brien 

ISBN: 9780963447005

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Description: Imagine… 

  • Preparing grand prize recipes that have won thousands of dollars...exotic trips and cruises ... luxury cars... dream kitchen makeovers ... an array of appliances...and more. 
  • Serving a $32,000 secret ingredient pizza ... a $25,000 chocoholic's dessert fantasy.. .a $25,000 salad dressing ... a showstopping $100,000 pie. 
  • Sampling the snack that won a Lincoln Continental...the $10,000 "gold nuggets" that inspired a popular fast food trend. 
  • Creating your own special $100,000 menu! 


  • A treasure trove of "gold star" recipes. 
  • Genuine nuggets of recipe contest lore and more. 
  • Secrets of Success ... how to win recipe contests. 
  • A glittering segment of America's culinary heritage. 

Grand Prize Recipes -- Home Cooking at Its Best! 


Condition: Good condition. 

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