Grand Finales Cookbook - Art of the Plated Dessert

Grand Finales Cookbook - Art of the Plated Dessert is a stunning cookbook with brilliant photographs of many of the prepared desserts. The authors are the editors of Chocolatier and Pastry Art and Design magazines. If you enjoy the art of dessert making, then look no further than Grand Finales cookbook. It is highly recommended by Cookbook Village. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 348 pages 

Copyright: 1997 

Publisher: John Wiley and Sons. 

Author: Tish Boyle and Timothy Moriarty 

ISBN: 9780471287698

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Description: Feast your eyes on the most exquisite and flavorful desserts created by fifty of the country's renowned pastry chefs in this groundbreaking new book, Grand Finales: The Art of The Plated Dessert. 

Authors Tish Boyle and Timothy Moriarty have written a book that will change the course of culinary history -- they have formally identified the different "schools" of pastry in relation to the world of art and design. From Neo-Classicist to the Impressionist to the Modernist and Fusionist dessert, the result—a grand look at the extraordinary plated desserts being created today. 


As Michael Schneider, editor-in-chief of Pastry Art & Design and Chocolatier magazines, and creator of the book observes, "The concept of the plated dessert is best understood if you visualize the plate as the canvas and the components as the medium with which the chefs 'paint.' Although beautiful presentation is integral to the concept, a plated dessert is created not so much as to be exhibited as to be eaten". 

In this enticing new book, each master pastry chef offers a delectable recipe, accompanied by an elegant four-color photograph of the transcendent work. We are also given a privileged look behind the scenes where chefs share their most guarded secrets. 

To all pastry lovers and aesthetes alike, the authors of Grand Finales: The Art of The Plated Dessert assure ultimate satisfaction or they will eat their hat -- Eric Girerd's creation of Humphrey Bogart's hat -- that is. 


Condition: Back jacket cover has a tear. Top portion of opening page has been clipped off by a past owner or store. Further good condition. 

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