Gourmet's Guide Cheese

Gourmet's Guide Cheese is not a recipe book. It is a handbook to all kinds of cheese from around the world. It also contains serving suggestions  with each type of cheese. This is a fascinating book and perfect for the cheese lover and chef who wants to explore this amazing food. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 600 pages. 

Copyright: 2008 

Publisher: H.F. Ullmann 

Author: Brigitte Engelmann and Peter Holler 

ISBN: 9783833150821

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Description: Cheese is considered to be among the world's oldest foods, and alongside wine it has by far the largest range of varieties. And so, it's high time to devote some detailed attention to this delicious product and train the eye for the next shopping spree to a well assorted cheese counter. 

Gourmet's Guide Cheese is not just an in-depth dictionary and shopping guide, it also offers an insight into the multifaceted cultural history of this very special milk product, explaining the means of production and regional characteristics. This guide introduces world famous cheese varieties as well as virtually unknown cheeses from all over the world. It describes how cheese is made in the course of Weeks, months, and sometimes even years, offering a convincing platform for a craft steeped in tradition. 

The cheese portraits are rounded off with over 300 recommendations for wines and other drinks by internationally renowned sommelier Markus Del Monego, whose stylistic confidence introduces exciting culinary combinations -- after all, no two cheeses are the same, and each one should be degusted appropriately. 


Condition: Good condition with a minor tear in the dust jacket. 

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